Making payments on this platform is easy and simple. Once you have identified the 916 gold price singapore, and maybe one or two gold types have impressed your eyes, then paying for these products is easy and faster. MoneyMax Jewellery ensures that you have amazing shopping by making payment methods smooth and faster. They have enhanced security among their payments methods so customers will not be worried when making payments. They have extreme respect for their customers’ personal information and ensure that it will never be disclosed to a third party. Once a customer makes an order, there is a greater surety that it will be shipped on its door efficiently and safely.

Making payments using the PayPal account

916 gold price singapore

Payments can be made using PayPal, paynow or credit/debit cards. All credit and debit cardholders are subjected to confirmation and approval by the bank and the Money max company. Paying using PayPal is easy, fast and safe. You just need to open an account using your valid email and password. You can link your PayPal to your bank account though not necessary. Not inserting correct information can be a challenge when making payment methods. Always ensure you have entered the correct card information and the security number at the back of the credit/debit card. If you experienced any problem that needs clarification, kindly contact the customer team with the details founds on the website.

Make sure you review the 916 gold price singapore to avoid likely events of paying for the gold product that you didn’t intent to buy. If in any case, that you’re have not seen the product price or maybe the price is not clear kindly make a call to customer care and inquire as you know once an order is made, it cannot be cancelled.