It is safe to say that you are a PC gamer whom has wound up on the lookout for graphics card purchasing because of your present graphics card not working as expected or not gathering necessities expected to play certain games? This can be an overwhelming undertaking in any event, for most PC masters subsequently we have made this basic graphics card purchasing manual for assist with the significant regions you need to look for. The absolute first thing you should discover is if your motherboard profiles will take into account you to redesign your graphics card just as in the event that you have any open spaces. You should likewise see whether your motherboard has the video gadget installed on the off chance that it does you need to have the option to handicap it.1660 Ti vs 1660 Super

Chipset – by and large you will either be purchasing an ATI or nVidia chip, these are the two produces of 3d delivering. You will take note of that there are numerous graphics cards available with various name brands, anyway they will undoubtedly utilize one of the two recorded.

On-board memory – relying upon your spending plan memory should locally available as much as possible. Most games presently require at least 512mb installed we recommend if practical to get a graphics card with at any rate 1GB locally available memory.

PCI or AGP – relying upon the age of your PC or motherboard you should discover which of these two you have. These days PCI is utilized as it supplanted the much more slow AGP. Note at the hour of this article you cannot place the AGP in a PCI opening nor would you be able to place the PCI in an AGP space and there are no converters.

DirectX – This ought to be standard when graphics card purchasing, more seasoned PCs might not have the capacity to use Microsoft DirectX.

Frame-rates – Of all that is recorded in this graphics card purchasing guide this is the most significant. The casing rate will be the number of edges each second your card and PC can show. This is the way your game will perform for instance in the event that you are playing a constant RPG game and are in a battle there might be a postponement if your casing rate is excessively sluggish.

Power Usage – Newer graphics cards require a ton of force use and may really expect you to overhaul the current force supply in your framework. This is particularly evident with team controlled cards. Check your PC manual before buying the graphics card.

All things being equal, the main factor you should detract from this 1660 Ti vs 1660 Super is to look at precisely what your PC can deal with, you would prefer not to get a card introduced to discover that your motherboard power supply, and so on do not meet the prerequisites of the graphics card.