Commercial kitchen equipment is essential for running a high-volume restaurant or catering business. From food warmers and holding cabinets to cooking appliances like stoves and ovens, you’ll find everything you need at Hospitality Superstore.

Food processors are a must-have in any commercial kitchen, making quick work of chopping, blending, blitzing, and pureeing ingredients. Look for models with a batch bowl that collects processed food as you work.

Stainless steel countertop bagel slicers

If you’re looking for a bagel slicer to make your kitchen work faster and more efficiently, consider a stainless steel countertop model. These models are strong and durable, so they’ll last longer than other types of bagel cutters. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. They also take up less space than other models.

Stainless steel bagel slicers feature serrated blades that can cut through bagels and other breads easily. They’re also designed with rounded edges to prevent nicks or cuts to the fingers during use. They’re also compact and lightweight, so they’re easy to store in a knife drawer or on the countertop.

Some bagel slicers have adjustable blades that can accommodate different sizes of bagels. The adjustable feature is a good option for restaurants, as it can save time and money. Some also have acrylic safety shields that can protect your hands while cutting. These safety features ensure that your food is not contaminated with any bacteria or pathogens. In addition, they’re easy to clean and safe for children. The best ones are crafted from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or rubberwood. They also have a sturdy base that can prevent the bagel slicer from sliding off of your countertop.

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Stainless steel countertop bread proofers

A stainless steel countertop bread proofer is a versatile addition to any kitchen. It’s small enough to fit several loafs and can be used for other products, such as sourdough starters or homemade yogurt. Its innovative folding design makes it easy to store in a drawer or other convenient spot. It features a choice of roll-top lids, including stainless steel quay pha che inox, frosted plexiglass or natural bamboo. Each option offers a different aesthetic. Some options are designed to preserve bread for a short time, while others include vents to discourage mold growth.

Commercial bread boxes can be made from aluminum, a durable material that resists rust. They’re also available in a variety of shapes and colors to match any decor. Some offer a more modern look, while others have a rustic or traditional style. Some have a clear front so operators can see the contents without opening the lid.

A food warmer and proofer cabinet is an ideal addition to any bakery, sandwich shop or parlor. These cabinets control heat and humidity to ensure dough rises properly and keep warm foods at safe serving temperatures until service. They come in insulated and noninsulated models, with various pan capacities, depending on the amount of product operators need to hold. Options include full-size cabinets that hold up to 20 full-size sheet pans.

Stainless steel countertop soup kettles

Keep your soups, stews, chili, and nacho cheese hot and ready to serve with this stainless steel countertop food warmer. Ideal for restaurants, cafes, catering businesses, and buffet lines, this commercial soup kettle cooker keeps your signature recipes at safe temperatures ranging from 100-212 degrees Fahrenheit to minimize customer wait times.

Designed with a hinged lid and a notched opening on top, this food warmer features an easy-to-open design that prevents contamination. It also ensures that your ladles can be inserted in easily without taking up valuable counter space on your busiest days, helping to promote an efficient service experience for your patrons.

This stainless steel commercial soup warmer has a sleek copper exterior that blends well with most decorative styles, making it an attractive addition to your establishment. It’s also built with a durable stainless steel construction that’s strong enough to handle wear and tear and can be easily cleaned for long-lasting use.