And fell at his feet to adore him. However, he said to me, ‘See that you do not do that.’ am your kindred worker, and of your brethren who have the declaration of Jesus. Love God. For the declaration of Jesus is the soul of prescience. Think about it; what does a prediction do? It tells the future, it determines what will occur. He stated the declaration of Jesus is the soul of prescience. Prophecy tells the future and has the ability to change the environment around you and changes the status quo.

The declaration of Jesus is us ‘announcing’ what Jesus has done and get in concurrence with what He said. It is a feeling of prescience that changes our air/condition and deliveries the intensity of God. Do not think we comprehend the force behind the declaration. The declaration is not about what the fiend is doing or has done, in your life. The declaration is about what God has done and it is a feeling of prescience that we should deliver. Let me give you a case of what I’m discussing: for some time back we had a night separate only for recuperating and delivered the declaration and stated, on the off chance that you come today around evening time, at that point Jesus will mend you. There was a youngster who came that night who had headache cerebral pains and that night he strolled in and was immediately conveyed. Did not lay hands on him or petition God for him, everything did was simply discharge the soul of prediction by declaration. At the end of the day; affirmed what Jesus would do.

Korean Jesus

The declaration takes on a variety of Shincheonji testimony structures, for example, the way that you got ‘brought back to life’ is a declaration and you can vouch for individuals of that reality. At the end of the day; you are an observer to the way that Jesus became alive once again in light of the fact that you have been brought back to life, much the same as He said would occur, when He became alive once again. That is a declaration. On the off chance that you have ever been recuperated in your body, that is a declaration. My better half has a declaration of what God did in her funds when she was penniless and single. She had two children and did not have the foggiest idea how she planned to make it. She had been hitched, yet her significant other left her. Around then she likewise had malignancy and no spot to go, yet she had an occupation, in spite of the fact that it did not pay without a doubt. She began relying on the expression of God in the domain of accounts and started following up on what the expression of God said around there.